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Fabrication at Lay down area and transport to site

Wednesday, January 31, 2018   By: Santosh [1918] 0 Stars
Dear Experts,

Tank having diameter 10.6 mt x 9.6 mt height site fabricated.
Tank is fabricated at laydown area at site & transported to construction site.
While transporting laydown area to construction site 4 nos lifting lug used.
My concern is that how to ensure tank ovalitty issues within API 650 acceptable limits.
Also my basic question is , whether tank lifting with such diameter is good practice ?

Thank you in advance.


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Thursday, February 01, 2018   By: karsadi [652] 4 Stars
Maybe I do not include experts tank, but in my experience of building a tank, according to my understanding as a tank designer, before deciding to consider some things related to the standards followed and the profit and loss.

So if you intend Tank is fabricated at laydown area at site & transported to construction site. Clearly the tanks are built not following API 650 standards, and for easy please follow the Annex J, Shop-Assembled Storage Tanks, so you do not be afraid of things beyond the tolerance of the tank.
To analyze further and in detail, you should clearly mention the type of tank to be built and others data.

Back to your post, maybe it can be solved but why you make a complicate yourself?
I would rather give a preliminary comment to define your design philosophy, so theres no question in mind that why and whats the reason, you do that?
That is my temporary comment and if you are still unclear I wait for the next comment.

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Monday, February 19, 2018   By: Santosh [1918] 0 Stars
Thanks for your prompt reply.
Obviously tank is designed according to API 650 standard only considering site fabricated & conventional erection method.
Actually the decision was made by our site team based on below reason.
The late foundation handover which will be helpful to the project if we parallel start the progress at the laydown area rather than awaiting the foundation.
This decision was made by site team at very later stage & now asking design team to review the lifting lug design calculations to proceed their transport activity from laydown area to actual site location.

Also I discussed with site team & they said they have provided base frame support below the fabricated tank bottom plate & they will place this tank with base frame on trolley with help of 4 nos lifting lug /spreader beam and will transport to site location.
Additionally they provided 4 nos sling lashing lug welded inside tank shell to bottom plate.

Even with the above arrangement whether there is any chance tank out of ovality limit ?

Thank & Best Regards,

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Thursday, February 01, 2018   By: DavidR@Fast.net [39] 5 Stars
Lifting a small tank like this is not a very big deal. Im assuming it is built and moved standing up. I worked with a group that picked and relocated several tanks with cranes after a hurricane / flood moved them. I would lift using short purely vertical slings, to a spreader bar, to the hook. That way only vertical loads go into the tank and maintaining roundness is not a problem. Designing the rigging is straightforward, designing the lifting lugs is also not difficult. See standard below-the-hook codes like ASME B30.20 and ASME BTH-1 for some guidance, use good engineering judgment, do a proof test on your rigging, carefully plan and document your lift and research local codes. You will have to support the bottom with a few cables so it does not sag down and pull in the shell, this design is also pretty straightforward. Depending on how far you have to move it, you could also float it there or support it on beams and drive it there on trolleys.

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Monday, February 19, 2018   By: Santosh [1918] 0 Stars
Dear DavidR,

Noted. Thank you very much for your valuable feedback.

Best regards,

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Atmospheric Design Pressure
By: Fathi [46]

The whole story is to avoid brittle fracture=

Test temperature shall be equal or warmer than Minimum Metal Design temperature at Test pressure.

I would limit my minimum testing temperature for a tank (or even for a vessel or a piping system) by the =

Temp = maximum of [ Min(lower shell) , Min(shell# 2) ....Min (Upper shell) ]

For a Shell# i the minimum is function ( of shell tickness , Material group ) and this can be found in API 650 , Fig 2-1

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