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Repair of the wall and floor

Friday, March 24, 2017   By: Brazil [201] 2 Stars
The tank was repaired according to the rules of API 653 with repairs plates obeying the distances between welds, thicknesses of plates and formats of repairs. However the amount of plate repairs were a lot. Is there a limit to the amount of repairs to the wall and roof of the tank? Can these limits be calculated by the weight of the repairs? What percentage in weight can be adopted? Will there be structural interference if the repairs are concentrated in a single sector of the wall?

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017   By: JGardiner [1848] 0 Stars
Good afternoon

I checked API-653, and didnt see an allowance/exception for weight. Using API-653 and the rules for repair Im not sure how much this could affect subsequent API calculations for design of tanks. Tank weight really isnt a big contributor to dead weight compared to fluid contents.

Buckling in ASTs is due to global wind & seismic response. Increasing tank weight slightly could have a limited reduction on anchorage demand wind and seismic. I would consider this negligible.

For the roof, nominal thickness is the sum opf the design thickness + corrosion allowance. Can you say that smeared weight of your repairs is bounded by the corroded material weight?

You could always do a finite element analysis to confirm



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Monday, April 03, 2017   By: Orlando Brazil [201] 2 Stars
Good Morning !!


Very enlightening your considerations about my questions, I am guiding this line of thought. I was very pleased when you recommended the use of finite element. I will take as reference a finite element study.

Thank you for your support !!

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Monday, April 03, 2017   By: JGardiner [1848] 0 Stars
No Problem

Also you gave me a great topic for my firms blog post of the week. I did a quick quarter-symmetric model of tank shell and critical region of an API-650 tank. I evaluated the tank wall and showed how large thinning has limited impact to the overall stress profile of the tank.

Rather than evaluating a combination of defects, you can conservatively assume an entire region was thinned and see how the stress profile responded.

Note that example went beyond API-653 specified code requirements.

My post is at https://www.xceed-eng.com/fitness-for-service-ffs-evaluation/

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Sunday, April 09, 2017   By: Orlando Costa [201] 2 Stars
Your last post on you firms blog is interesting and very educative for anyone who deals with damage in AST. This gives us more security when using finite elements and a ideal way to treat damage in the shell of API tanks in use.

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Saturday, April 01, 2017   By: ITS [1678] 4 Stars
I think Gardiner is right on. Everything is based on thickness of floor or tank shell or the tanks roof since the calculated formulas are based on thickness, material strength and sizes or dimensions.

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Monday, April 03, 2017   By: Orlando Brazil [201] 2 Stars

I will take as your referral your recommendation.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2017   By: ITS [1678] 4 Stars
You are welcome.

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Atmospheric Design Pressure
By: Fathi [46]

The whole story is to avoid brittle fracture=

Test temperature shall be equal or warmer than Minimum Metal Design temperature at Test pressure.

I would limit my minimum testing temperature for a tank (or even for a vessel or a piping system) by the =

Temp = maximum of [ Min(lower shell) , Min(shell# 2) ....Min (Upper shell) ]

For a Shell# i the minimum is function ( of shell tickness , Material group ) and this can be found in API 650 , Fig 2-1

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