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BABRTs973 on Riveted tank - welds

By: BABRTs973 [53] 5 Stars
Date: Sunday, November 19, 2017
Time: 7:31:05 PM

The HMT Mobil design with two tiers of wipers and fingers is a very effective rivet tank seal. Be sure they supply the correct followers or they will hang up on the horizontals. Another thing to be aware of is the floating roof itself. Due to settlement and earlier modifications such as adding welded courses not is the tank out of round, if it has a Wiggons Pan with the alligator teeth braces on the topside, round is just a concept. I have seen 12 inch rim gaps with 6 inch in other places on the tanks. The old CBI Buffalo seal was a lot more forgiving than the things we have today. And the operators ran the things past the top angle as a matter of course. If you see a riveted EFR and it has a piece of channel sticking up 4 or 5 feet across from the platform, that was to allow the seal to hold together as they ran it up past the top. They would get these things within 8 inches of the top. And yes, they occasionally ran them over. That is what all the holes drilled below the top angle was for. So the roof did not float off the tank.

Some companies install and two tiered wiper with 4 inches between the wipers to go above and below the horizontal rivet row. I would go for 8 inches between the tiers if you are using a 7 inch wide wiper tip. When they age they tend to bend different ways around the tank,

The biggest issues I see with riveted tanks, other than leaking rivets, is laminations. You can see some scary stuff especially in the pre 1920s steel. And the leaking rivets is something operators worry about more than they should. They are a maintenance hassle more than anything, You just get good with using tin solder, punches to fill the holes and leaking laps with the solder and the Belzona rep on speed dial.

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Honeycomb Panel IFR
By: davidr@fast.net [39]

Honeycomb panels used on internal floating roofs are a sandwich construction consisting of an upper and lower skin with core in between. The materials are most often aluminum. In this scenario, the core is usually 0.003 thick aluminum foil expanded to a six sided shape similar to what bees make in their hives, hence the name honeycomb. The top and bottom skins are 0.16 minimum, sometimes as thick as 0.040. The core may be of solid aluminum foil or it may have perforations. The perforations ....   Read All
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